The CMC Academy

Cadets arriving at the AcademyWelcome to The CMC Academy. A special welcome if you are currently a CMC Cadet or full squadmate! Salute!

The Academy is proud to offer the following courses to help you learn the ropes in Air Warrior and in being part of the CMC. Available courses have links in the Course Number field of the table. Other course will be filled in in the future. Additional courses may be added as well so check back often.

Currently Available Courses:

Click on the Course Number link to go to that lesson.


Course Number Course Description Instructor Last updated
CMC101 An Introduction to The Cutthroats Mercenary Company: 
A quick history and explanation of goals and motivations of the CMC
Boa May 23, 1998
CMC102 Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvers: 
The basic set of combat manuevers every fighter pilot should know
CMC103 Introduction to Bomber Tactics: 
A two part course covering dive and sight bombing basics 
Includes instructional film on dive bombing
Beluga Oct. 29, 1996
CMC105 Situational Awareness: 
SA is the single most important skill you should learn if you want to win fights and this course is one of the best ways to learn it 
Includes instructional films for learning SA in a dogfight
Paradog Feb. 24, 1997
CMC107 Ground Vehicles: [preliminary] 
A guide to using the ground vehicle of Air Warrior (2).  General and specific vehicle info.  Currently only the T-34 is detailed.
Boa Dec. 9, 1997
CMC108 Online Communications: 
The Radio, Intercomm, and on-ground communications are explained, a MUST read for all CMC members
Boa Oct. 29, 1996


Course Number Course Description Instructor Last updated
CMC201 Tricks of the Trade: 
A library of technical tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Air Warrior experience. 
Includes software downloads
Boa Aug. 12, 1997
CMC202 Advanced Fighter Tactics: 
This course covers plane choices, flaps, throttle control, interception, deflection shots, etc.
CMC203 Advanced Bomber Tactics: 
The fine art of tactical bombing from one of the game's masters
Beluga Oct. 29, 1996
CMC204 Capturing Fields: 
The complete guide to prepping and capturing a Neutral airfield. Includes a paratroopers point of view by Paradog
Iceman Nov. 7, 1996
CMC208 Squad Communications: 
The CMC has an extensive set of newsgroups that are used for comunications, learn how to use them well
Boa May 23, 1998


Course Number Course Description Instructor Last updated
CMC301 Leadership for Humans: 
Some great tips on how to be a successful leader
Sassy Red May 23, 1998
CMC302 Wingman Tactics for Fighters: 
The skills required and advantages gained when flying in unison with others
Sassy Red May 12, 1997
CMC303 Formation Flying: 
Things you need to know about flying in formation, escorting, bomber group support, etc.


Course Number Course Description Instructor Last updated
CMC401 Advanced Operations: 
A guide on how to design, implement, and execute successful full squadron operations
CMC402 Transitioning to Full Realism: 
What it takes to survive and prevail in the FR arenas
MigEater Mar. 17, 1997
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