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C-47 headon by John ClarkWelcome, new recruit!

The Cutthroats Mercenary Co. is proud of the outstanding qualities of its members. We do not recruit at random. Each recruit is carefully scouted and/or evaluated. All new recruits start as Cadets and must complete 4-5 team nights before being given full Cutthroats status.


To join the CMC, you must be willing to make several commitments:

New Recruits:

Recruiting PosterAll new recruits start as a Cadet. Upon completion of 4-5 official team night operations, a Cadet is promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Further promotions are based on participation, attitude, and skill the guidelines for which determine the time frame and eligibility. You will not advance because of skill alone. You must display style, attitude, and leadership ability as well.  As a Cadet you will be treated as a full CMC by the other members, but you will have limited priveleges.  It is a time during which you need to prove yourself.  The CMC is not a bunch of snobs but we are very serious about the quality of our members.

All Cadets are strongly encouraged to attend The CMC Academy. Cadets have limited access to the newsgroups the username and password for which are given by S1 at the time of acceptance into the program.

Once a recruit is accepted into the Cadet program, they are added to the Cadet Roster.  Please check that page to make sure we have the correct information for you.  Once you are on the Cadet Roster page, you are expected to:

Upon becoming a full fledged Cutthroat, you will be given:

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Why do you wish to join The Cutthroats Mercenary Company?
 example: CMC is the coolest group in AW today!

What do you like most about Air Warrior? What do you like least?
 example: I like playing in a multi-player environment but I hate the warping...

How long have you been playing Air Warrior?
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