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The Cutthroats Mercenary Co. Organization

Aircrew by John ClarkThe CMC consists of a Command Staff organization, four flights, and a reserve wing.
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All pilots are listed along with their ribbons and medals and rank insignia as well as other interesting facts.
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The Stats Tables

These are used to track the availability of the pilots and is used for planning purposes only. Here is a quick explanation of the columns:
CMC since
This is the date that the pilot officially joined the Cutthroats (includes Cadet period if any). For some of the "old-timers" this is a rough guess <g>
Number of Squad Nights attended.  Note that this number may be different the the amount of ribbons shown as these are given for official ops only.  Not all Squad Nights consist of an official op.
on Leave
Number of ops missed due to pre-announced shore leave
Number of operations the pilot missed, but was excused for (note that pilots who let S1 know of an absence more than a week in advance are considered to be on shore leave)
Number of operations the pilot missed without any warning to S1.
This is a Reliability Rating calculated as: (ops_flown / (ops_flown + ops_on_leave/8 + ops_missed/2 + ops_awol*2)) * 100. The highest possible rating is 100. Anything over 90 is great while number below 50 are bad.
Promotion History
This is a table of promotions that the pilot received throughout his/her career.  Note that this includes command and staff positions as well.  The dates listed are those on which the promotion/assignment was announced, not necessarily the day it took effect.
Total Attended
Combined Attended values for the wing. This is useful to determine the availability of the wing
Total on Leave
Combined on Leave values for the wing.
Total Missed
Combined Missed values for the wing. Along with the AWOL value, used to determine general reliability for ops planning
Total AWOL
Combined AWOL values for the wing.
Historical Rating
The Reliability Rating for the entire wing. Formula is same as above.
Active  Rating
Same as the Historical Rating, except only currently active members' stats are used

The Ranking System of the CMC

The CMC bases it's rank system on that of the United States Air Force. We use and acknowledge ranks up to the level of Brigadier General. A Cutthroat aspiring to gain a certain rank shoulds read the following document. Note that although the USAF doesn't have an official Cadet rank, we list it here in the table for comparison purposes.

CMC Reg 1-1  Eligibility Requirements for Promotion

1. Introduction

    a. This document lists the criteria used for promotion considerations.  Promotions are based upon three factors: number of operations completed, participation in squad matters, and length of service.  Note that flight skills are not a primary consideration.  Flight skills are recognized through the use of medals, ribbons, and badges, as described in CMC Reg 1-2  Awards and Decorations (to be written).

    b. Definitions.  The following terms are described for the sake of clarity.

2.  Recommendations for Promotions

    a. Recommendations for promotion can only be made by an officer at least one level up on the chain of command (CoC) from the candidates position.  Note that this relies upon position in the chain of command and not rank. That means that, for example, a WCO with the rank of Captain, may recommend a candidate in their wing for promotion to the rank of Captain.

    b. Recommendations for promotion should be accompanied by a written justification that includes, but is not limited to, number of ops completed, participation in the newsgroups, length of service, and the recommender's personal evaluation of the candidate.

3.  Criteria for Promotion.

    a.  Criteria for promotion are the number of completed operations, participation in squad matters, and length of service.

    b.  Promotion criteria may be adjusted due to extenuating circumstances, but may never be completely waived.

    c.  Promotion Criteria by rank:
Insignia Rank Abbr Ops Time Squad Participation (cumulative) Additional Criteria (cumulative)
Brigadier General BGen 200 48 months risks losing job and/or spouse because life revolves around squad dedicates considerable time and energy to squad, 12 months since promotion to Col. and  held three staff positions
Colonel Col 100 24 months puts in huge amounts of work, thought, free time, etc. into the squad must be a key figure in the squad, 6 months since promotion to LtCol. and held two staff positions.
Lieutenant Colonel LtCol 60 18 months adds REAL value to the squad by consistent interest, enthusiasm, and HARD WORK!  held staff and Flight Lead  position for more then 6 months, reliability rating 90 or better, 6 months since promotion to Major
Major Maj 40 12 months puts a lot of time into the squad and the community aside from just flying must be staff member or Flight Leader, 4 months since promotion to Cpt
Captain Cpt 24 8 months consistently willing to take initiative in squad matters 75 or better reliability rating, 4 months since promotion to Lt1
1st Lieutenant Lt1 12 4 months participates in squad matters and is active in newsgroups 50 or better reliability rating, 3 months since promotion to Lt2
2nd Lieutenant Lt2 4 1 month flies squad nights consistently upholds the virtues of the Cutthroats
Cadet Cadet 0 day 1 shows up for squad night is enthusiastic about squad

Medals and Commendations

A Cutthroat's award above is denoted with that medal's ribbon beneath rank insignia.
Silver Star The Silver Star - For gallantry in action against an opposing armed forces
Recipients of the Silver Star: 
  • (8/26/98) - For two years of gallantry in action against opposing forces. Wheel Chock becomes the first recipient of this medal and I can't imagine anyone more deserving of this honor. He was our Air Boss (and XO) since September of '96 and no one has been as influencial during all this time. Our 85% success average over our 102 ops (to date) was in large due to Wheel's dedication, creativity, and in general the most inspiring personality. We all know Wheel's contributions to the CMC. They are too long to list. I will say, however, that I am incredibly proud to know Wheel and I feel the CMC has been extremely fortunate to have Wheel with us over the years!
Legion of Merit Legion of Merit - For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service
Recipients of the Legion of Merit: 
  • , 1939 (9/19/96) - for exceptional heroism shown during tank  . This team attacked both Cz and Az bases during a single run crossing bridges, dodging enemy patrols, and destroying targets.
  • (10/10/96) - for exceptional leadership and planning during  . Beluga put together a tight plan and executed it perfectly making our enemies tremble for an entire evening and even prompting an unusual "Okay, you win" message from the Az!
  • (1/7/97) - for outstanding service in command of the Cutthroats Mercenary Company: This award was given by the senior CMC staff in recognition of dedication and effort. Needless to say, Boa was incredibly touched <grin>
  • (2/9/98) - For unwavering service during over 50 operations without missing a single squad night: $-Mar has not missed a single night in his first 15 months  with the CMC! He's a  Cal Ripken of Air Warrior. Get $ome! [Addendum: $-Mar went on to complete 60 ops before finally missing one due to a trip to California just before the CMC leave in May of '98] 
  • (8/28/98) - For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service in the role of S3 over the period of one year, Trev's tactics, excellent writing, and punctual postings have been a huge part of our success as an Air Wing. Trev kept the interest level high with his boundless creativity at the same time, his ops were obviously planned with an expert tactical mind.
  • , , Big-H, Gnatz, Whels (11/10/98) - For exceptionally meritorious conduct and brilliant leadership during the Battle of Leyte Gulf scenario in Oct'98: These five men accepted tremendous responsibility and got the results needed by the US in the face of overwhelming odds.
  • (11/14/98) The Staff and pilots of the U.S. forces have and do concur, that Boa - Commanding Officer, has distinguished himself above and beyond the call of duty. His self-sacrifice of his time, effort and superior ability during the LEYTE GULF Scenario, did contribute greatly to the success and final defeat of superior forces in a tactical situation. His situational awareness, and tactical prowess did lead to the successful defense of the final US carrier, and the unique assault on the unsuspecting enemy carriers and forces. Commander Boa brings credit upon himself, the US Navy, and the United States of America.
Distinguished Flying Cross Distinguished Flying Cross - For heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight
Recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross: 
  • (8/19/96) - for unsurpassed heroism: Despite not being able to get ammo (due to having accidentally shot down friendlies) Sassy continued to fly supplying damaged B-land fields, dropping paratroopers, and providing recon for an entire evening. Talk about dedication!
  • (10/24/96) - for extraordinary heroism and achievement during  : Momo's task was to hit the Cz spit factory but just as he got there, he got dumped. Not one to give up, Momo took up another bomber and despite many distractions, increased Cz activity, and bad connectivity, accomplished his goal single-handedly turning a failed op into a successful one.
  • (2/20/97) - for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat during  : Between protecting his assigned base and killing literally tens of enemies, Iceman also single-handedly recaptured N72.
  • (6/19/97) - for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat during  : 18 kills, and 5 out 6 missions RTB'ed. This would be impressive even if Mig Eater was an opportunist sort of flyer, but not so.  Mig Eater was where he was needed at all times, defending fellow CMCs and getting the job done right all night!
  • (8/7/97) - for extraordinary heroism and achievement in aerial combat during  : Because of server trouble, these 4 were the only CMC to make it into the arena.  Amazingly, these 4 managed to reach the goals of the mission through teamwork, determination, and medal-worthy luck.
  • (2/11/98) - for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat during a stretch of many ops and scenarios: Dice's HARRR!!! is the most often heard cry on most of our squad nights and in official scenarios as well. This medal is therefore given in recognition of Dice's pure instincts, his intelligence and quick thinking in stressful combat situations, and his unwavering service to the squadron. 
  • (11/4/98) - for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat during  : His superior tactics, attention to orders, situational awareness, and ability enabled him to be victorious in over 21 enemy encounters. He has distinguished himself in flight and has contributed greatly to the success of this mission, the Operation, and the Strategic posture of the CMC. 
  • (11/10/98) - for extraordinary achievement in aerial combat during Battle of Leyte Gulf scenario in Oct'98: Spook, also know as Fozie, managed 28 kills without being shot down during the 5 frames of this scenario. His leadership of VF-18A was outstanding, and his bravery and skill, both as pilot and leader were a tremendous boost to the US 
Purple Heart Purple Heart - Awarded for wounds or death as result of an act of opposing armed forces
Recipients of the Purple Heart: 
  • (9/5/96) - for heroic self-sacrifice during  : when bombers were threatened by enemy, PAK single-handedly destroyed 4 enemies all while simultaneously dodging ack at C83. He was eventually shot down but returned and killed remaining opposition in the area.
  • (9/19/96) - for heroic sacrifice during  : his squad scattered, Lemur nevertheless continued assaults on C83 in his lone tank despite heavy Cz opposition.
  • (12/5/96) - for heroic sacrifice during  : flying ungunned buffs these brave pilots used the armour of their very planes to protect the lead bomber when the group came under heavy enemy attack.
  • (12/12/96) - for heroic self-sacrifice during  : having dropped all his eggs Trev was ordered to engage attacking Az P38s with his ungunned B-17. Without a moment's hesitation he dove into the fray turning with 3 P38s for more than 5 minutes giving the rest of the group plenty of time to hit their targets. As Trev put it, "If I had guns, I probably would have gotten 2 of them :)"
  • (7/17/97) - for couragous self-sacrifice during  : flying a bunch of heavy Jugs, these pilots dove onto A82 alone, their escort having gotten lost.  They were wiped out but their bravery shall not go unrecognized.
  • (4/2/98) - for inhuman patience and eventual KIA as a result of military action during  : For over 45 minutes Momo sat in his C47 loaded with troops just outside the AZ aircraft factory north of Owl. The flight to the factory was filled with peril but Da Man was unshaken. After almost an hour of sustained bombing, the operation was deemed a scratch but Momo bravely made one last attempt to drop the troops. Unfortunately, the ack batteries came back at that moment and blew Momo from the skies.
  • (7/16/98) - For bravery and sacrifice during  : The ACK at one of the carriers was furious. Knowing that the rest of the team still had to drop, Exile stuck around in the umbrella keeping the ack concentrated on him while the rest of the team completed their mission. The ack eventually killed him, but not before the carrier was sunk.
Air Medal Air Medal - For meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight
Recipients of the Air Medal: 
  • (7/25/96) - for bravery during  : Germ attacked and hit Cz spit factory despite being alone and under attack by 4 enemy fiters
  • (8/1/96) - for incredible situational awareness and skill during  : despite the extremely dynamic changes during this operation, Iceman kept cool and killed many enemies.
  • (9/5/96) - for unsurpassed skill and leadership during  : Beluga hit his target perfectly despite enemy opposition and having to take over command of the Bluebeard wing when previous WCO couldn't show.
  • (9/26/96) - for exceptional bravery and skill during  : despite multiple hits and losing all engines in Blackbeard's B-17, PAK managed to hit A82 and return safely to base saving the lives of the gunners aboard.
  • (10/17/96) - for exceptional heroism during  : Having gone PNG, Datso brought up an A26 and started running fake bombing runs to A82 causing many Az to engage him and allowing the "real" buffs to trash A82.
  • (11/7/96) - for exceptional dedication to duty and skill in air combat during  : simply put, Exile was everywhere he was needed doing what he does best, killing the enemy.
  • (11/21/96) - for exceptional skill in air combat during  : Not only did Momo do an exceptional job leading the attack team, he also showed incredible skill driving the A26 against enemy fighters.
  • (12/5/96) - for exceptional leadership and skill in air combat during  : Rotated into Blackbeard command this week, Legba showed inspiring leadership skills while killing many many enemies.
  • (12/12/96) - for bravery and exceptional skill during  : Not satisfied with "merely" hitting maint at both A83 and A82 (one flight) from 20K he then took an A26 back to A82 to clean up and close the field despite heavy enemy opposition.
  • (1/23/97) - for initiative and skill during  : After participating in the sinking of CV A68 ZCell answered Boa's call for assistance at CV A69 and single-handedly sunk it with his A-26..
  • (2/20/97) - for meritorious aerial combat achievement  : ZCell killed countless enemies under stressful odds during this operation thus making him the first Cutthroat to earn 2 Air Medals!
  • (3/20/97) - For skill and bravery in aerial combat during  : Mig was everywhere he needed to be, making many corpses of our enemy, and clearing the way for a successful mission.
  • (3/20/97) - For meritorious achievement in aerial combat during  : Exile had in the range of 20 kills during the course of the night and was instrumental in the defense of N64.
  • (4/3/97) - For bravery and meritorious achievement in aerial combat during  : The picket line defense was outstanding all around but these three pilots showed exceptional discipline, organization, and skill and stopped countless attackers from going past.
  • (4/3/97) - For courage and exceptional aerial achievement during  : Despite terrible odds, Mar made it through to the enemy target, hit it, and returned home to guarantee victory.
  • (5/22/97) - For leadership and skill in aerial combat  : Momo's control over the bomber formation to and returning from target was outstanding.
  • (5/29/97) - For courage and skill during  : It was probably the best wingman performance ever and AWulf kept it up throughout the night.  Truly an inspiring story.
  • (6/19/97) - For courage and exceptional achievement in aerial combat during  : Grr was instrumental in controlling the situation over N87 allowing the field to be captured eventually after one of the most incredible battles ever.
  • (6/19/97) - For courage and exceptional achievement in aerial combat during  : Exile did an exquisite job staying on top of situation, creating mass extinction of the enemy, and working well with the entire squad. 
  • (7/3/97) - For determination and courage beyond the call of duty during  : Jag-1 drove a gooney through enemy fire and successfully dropped troops on N70 with flaks on the ground and enemy fighters all around.  And he returned to base!  One of kind performance.
  • (7/10/97) - For stubbornness beyond the call of duty during  : Their whole wing wiped out, the lone sHall and in rnd 3 the lone Lemur nevertheless managed to find Ssnif and kill him.  Never before in the field of human combat have some many been so pissed at so few.
  • (7/24/97) - For determination and skill in aerial combat during  : Datso's outstanding escort allowed one buff to make it to enemy factory and close it despite intense opposition.
  • (7/31/97) - For skill and achievement in aerial combat during  : K-Ken's outstanding awareness of the situation, and near-perfect performance on the bombing runs allowed Redbeard and Yellowbeard to complete their objectives, hit and close N87 and then continue to help in the final battle over C82.
  • (8/14/97) - For skill and perseverance during  : sHall was the gunner for Lemur's B-17 and his exceptional gunnery skills allowed Lemur to return to base despite a huge number of enemies who followed them from A-Land.  sHall had 5 kills to his credit during the flight.
  • (12/5/97) - For skill in aerial combat during  : Orion scored 3 kills literally killing all the enemy who threatened the large bomber formation.  The kills were made so quickly that he was able to return to formation and continue his escort duties.
  • (2/5/98) - For exceptional skill and perseverance against unsurmountable odds in  : The Captain was alone against many enemies, flew smart, and dropped the rock on Ssnif dead on despite enemy attacks and heavy ack fire.
  • (3/26/98) - For exceptional skill in aerial combat during  : A51 is the first CMC to ever receive a medal while still a Cadet. His performance during this momentous op was incredibly impressive as he killed enemies and dive bombed his assigned targets in massive quantities.
  • (7/16/98) - For exceptional skill in precision bombing during  : Crimson was responsible for sinking 2 carriers with perfect drops from 3 Mosquitos.
  • (11/4/98) - For meritorious achievement in aerial combat, situational awareness, and contributing to the success of  : Marco exhibited extreme bravery-under fire, and a presents of mind, ignoring potential threats to his own safety, to provide cover and support to his flight, flight leader, and the wing.
  • (11/4/98) - For Exceptional Bravery, and Valor during  : Tammy followed her Flt Leaders Orders and attained a highest level of achievement in combat, and her first kill in an engagement over friendly territory. Her defense of the base and tireless effort to maintain air superiority, was unsurpassed.