Operations Log:

B-17 bay open by John ClarkThe Cutthroats Mercernary Co. regularly runs operations against our enemies. These operations are designed to build team effectiveness, reputation, and skills of individual Cutthroats. Operation planning begins several days before commencement using our Communications. Although technically S3 (Operations) is tasked with planning, many other CMCs have put forth ideas and complete plans.  In addition several missions were built by CMC personnel working in tandem with non-CMC squads.

Operations are normally held on team nights and attendance is mandatory unless otherwise specified.  Several ops are marked as [unofficial].  These ops were held during leave periods, for example on July 3rd, 1997 when everyone was given the day off.  Cutthroats are generally so gung ho that you will see at least of few in the air even on national holidays.

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