Our results in frame 3 were certainly better, but lets not get too excited about a frame during which we were about even with the IJN.  To catch up, we need to do BETTER then the IJN in Frame 4.

The good news is there is now a 20K alt limit for all bombers!  Finally, our meager numbers can defend realistically.  The IJN has replaced their 8 betties with 8 Kates at the request of their CO.  There will be no more betties in this scenario.

The weather forcast for this week's frame is STORM.  This means visibility will be HALF of normal arena levels.  That means 4K for fighters, 5K for bombers.  5K yards is 15000 feet, so our defenders are going to have to be EXTREMELY vigilant!

Our strategy will be similar to last week's.  VF-18A and B will provide fighter sweeps.  F4Fs will escort the TBFs and VF-18C plus all of VF-11 will defend.  The TBFs will fly to target at 20K.

We know that the following carriers were live in Frame 3.  6Carrier (which we destroyed), 7Carrier (which we damaged), and 2Carrier.

During stormy weather, carriers may only move one space and only if they are undamaged.  Therefore, we know for a fact that 7Carrier will be live.  Also that 1Car, 2Car, or 3Car will be live as well.

The defender's #1 priority will be keeping 3Kubo (ESSEX) alive!  I don't care how many times the IJN hits 2Kubo (HANCOCK), 5Kubo (INTREPID), or 6Kubo (WASP).  Let them sink the destroyed carriers.  The only way we can win this battle is by keeping at least one carrier mobile.  3Kubo must not be hit!

The TBFs and their escorts will be split up into 2 groups.  VT-9 (Rall, Turtl) and VT-19 (Slider, Wezul) will work in the north, escorted by VF-9A and VF-9B.  VT-11 (Kken, Han) and VT-18 (Gnatz, Whels) will hit 7Carrier supported by VF-19A, VF-19B, and VF-19C.  We will once again dive bomb the targets.  The TBFs are going to climb to 18K and use bombs once again.

Frame 4 groupings:

FALCON - kill 7Car defenders
 VF-18A (Fozzie) - start at 6Kubo - 100% fuel
 Climb to 30K and head to RP 14,14,5.  Once released from RP, head to 7Carrier and engage all enemy fighters.

HAWK - find live carrier, then kill their defenders
 VF-18B (Lemur) - start at 6Kubo - 100% fuel
 Lemur and wingie: head to 3Car at 30K
 Mig Eater: head to 2Car at 30K
 Mayhem: head to 1Car at 30K
 Report enemies, but DO NOT ENGAGE ANY TARGETS OTW unless no choice
 Once you arrive at your assigned carrier, dive down to 10K or until ack opens up on you whichever happens first.  Report live ack on channel 2.  As soon as a carrier with live ack is found rendevous flight at 13,21,5 at 30K.  Await release and once granted, head to live carrier together and engage defenders.

ORCA (Boa) - target 1Car, 2Car, or 3Car
 VT-9A (Rall) - start at 3Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-9B (Turtl) - start at 3Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-19A (Slider) - start at 2Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-19B (Wezul) - start at 2Kubo - 79% fuel
 VF-9A (Beavis) - start at 3Kubo - 100% fuel
 VF-9B (BigH) - start at 3Kubo - 100% fuel
 TBFs climb to 18K, F4Fs climb to 22K.  Head to RP at 13,18,8.  Once released head to live carrier as reported by HAWK.

HAMMERHEAD (Gnatz) - target 7Car
 VT-11A (Kken) - start at 5Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-11B (Han) - start at 5Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-18A (Gnatz) - start at 6Kubo - 79% fuel
 VT-18B (Whels) - start at 6Kubo - 79% fuel
 VF-19A (Modas) - start at 2Kubo - 100% fuel
 VF-19B (Smitty) - start at 2Kubo - 100% fuel
 VF-19C (Toad!) - start at 2Kubo - 100% fuel
 TBFs climb to 18K, F4Fs climb to 22K.  Head to RP at 12,14,1.  Once released head to 7Carrier.

RHINO (Awulf) - defend 3Kubo
 VF-18C (Awulf) - start at 6Kubo - 100% fuel
   position 4 scouts at 10K each.
    Scout 1: 19,19,5
    Scout 2: 16,17,8
    Scout 3: 15,15,5
    Scout 4: 19,13,1

 VF-11A (Hornet) - start at 5Kubo - 100% fuel
   climb to 25K position in 18,18,8
 VF-11B (TCO) - start at 5Kubo - 100% fuel
   climb to 25K position in 17,16,5
 VF-11C (HWood) - start at 5Kubo - 100% fuel
   climb to 25K position in 19,14,2

 Scouts job is once again to report makeup and altitude of attackers.  Awulf, don't have them attack until you're sure a major threat is otw!

Remember, 3Kubo is the one that must survive Frame 4!

 TBFs, if you are attacked by fighters, dive to the deck!  But don't dive unless you're positive you're the one under attack.  If you're not under direct attack, stay on course to target!  When you are clear, climb to alt again.
 F4Fs, stay close to the TBFs!  Communicate location often!  Last frame VT-18 got attacked and their escorts weren't close enough to help.  Try to overwhelm the IJN fighters.
 RHINOs pilots! Kates are your number one priority.  There are now 24 Kates capable of dropping 24 torpedoes (i.e. enought to kill 3Kubo 4 times).  Each of you has to average killing 2.  REMEMBER THERE WILL BE NO BETTIES.  Kates are going to carry torpedoes so you must make sure you kill them before they get within 2000 yards of the carrier.  Vals are secondary targets.  Remember to change your bias to /*rb so you don't get overloaded with escort icons.

This is it folks, we must be successful in frame 4.  I know we can do it!  We have the willpower, the skill, and the dedication to the cause of democracy and good.

Good luck to you one and all!


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